Gay Witch Séance!
Production and design by Charlotte Moroz
Technical, artistic and (witch)craft support by: Jamie Agnello, Jocelyn Mackenzie, Anthony Napoletano and Leigh Walter

The first-ever GAY WITCH SÉANCE, an AMBITIOUS MAGIC EVENT with SPELL-CASTING STATIONS/GAY LIBERAL AGENDA/VERY SPECIAL MUSICAL ACTS so as to SET 2018 RIGHT. Half of the show’s proceeds will go to Black Trans Media, an organization that celebrates and amplifies the under-heard voices of black trans peoples, “reframing the value and worth of black trans peoples thru community/media/education” (excerpt from their website,

Hosted by: Kev Berry, our very own Salem-Witch-Trial-era MC!

Music from: The Peggy's, DEEBO, Vartan Mamigonian, Mike Nelson & Charlotte Moroz & Anthony Napoletano, with improvisational performance by Danny Drachsler, Mike Nelson, Charlotte Moroz, Jason Vance, Anthony Napoletano, Danny Gouker, Julia Hirsch, Jocelyn Mackenzie, Staci Merritt, Brit Gossett, Patrick Breiner and Danny Townsend.

Powerful coven services provided by: Tarot Readings (by Jeanna Kadlec), Palm Reading (by Megan Ghorashy), a visit from the Human Ouija Board (by Peter Mills Weiss), gifts for your enemies (by Hannah Soldner), The Summoning Faerie (by Ty Douglas), consensual hand-holding station (Jamie Agnello), Sex Ed A.M.A. (By Adjoa Sankofia Tetteh), Hidey-hole Terrarium-building (by Staci Merritt and Brit Gossett).